Sophie explains her role as a Senior Administrator


Article by Christina

Sophie has been with CCFPS since October 2016 and enrolled on a Financial Administration apprenticeship to help her to develop in July this year. Sophie explains her role as follows:

“My Job role is Senior Administrator. As Senior Administrator it is my job to lead and work alongside the other Administrators in our team while also carrying out the following tasks:

  • Providing general office administrative support including filing/scanning/photocopying/post/answering the telephone/message taking.
  • Contacting insurance companies, chasing quotes, fees, reports and updates.
  • Maintaining client/policy records through the back-office system and associated IT solutions.
  • Ensuring client files are complete in accordance with procedures.
  • Arranging review appointments with existing clients.
  • Mentoring junior administrator (Leah)

In the office we all work as part of a team, each member has a specific role and without anyone of us the other couldn’t complete the task at hand.

Christina and Adele are both Financial Adviser’s, Adele also being a Mortgage Adviser. It is a Financial Advisers role to provide specialist advice to clients on how to manage their money. The role involves researching the marketplace and recommending the most appropriate products and services available, ensuring the clients are aware of the products that best meet their needs.

Josh is a Paraplanner’s and there to support Christina and Adele in servicing clients by preparing for meetings, investment research and making preliminary financial planning recommendations including researching products that best match the client’s needs.

In the office tasks are mostly set by Christina this normally consists of contacting client’s, chasing providers for information and even helping other members of the team. If I ever need help or some advice there is always someone happy to help.

I’m doing an apprenticeship because it enables me to earn money whilst gaining invaluable experience being able to apply what I learn to my job. I also thrive in hands on situations and feel like doing this will help prepare me for progression into a career in financial services.

In work I feel like I have many strengths I am confident and always have a willing to learn. My ability to work under pressure and in a timely matter helps especially when working as part of a team. I believe that everything has room for development so even though I have strengths those strengths could always be made stronger. My most confident abilities in the workplace are communicating with customers and building relations, using the different programs on the computer creating spread sheets and using mail merge and being organised. My main weakness I feel is speaking with providers as I get nervous in case they ask me about something I don’t really have a understanding about, This is why I have set myself personal goals to develop my knowledge and skills alongside my assigned apprenticeship tasks.”

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