Well done James – your first review


Article by Christina

Congratulations to our new trainee financial advisor James Elliot, who got his first client review last week.

James who joined us in December has passed all his examinations to qualify as a financial adviser and is currently training with both me and Adele to gain his “competent advisor” status. Once I’m happy to “sign” James off he will be able to advise clients on his own. Until then, a big part of his training is observing client meetings and leading some of the meetings himself.

Having led a meeting last week, our client very kindly put a review on Facebook.

“My wife and I recently had our latest financial review with Christina where we were introduced to James the latest team member in the CCFPS gang. James was tasked with conducting our review under Christina’s guidance and I’m pleased to say, did so with great aplomb. Great advice, as always delivered in a courteous and professional manner using language even I can understand.

If anyone is in need of guidance on any aspect of their financial planning, I would strongly recommend they speak to one of the team at Christina Clegg Financial Planning Services.”

What a great review and a good start.

Keep it up James.

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The representative was very good and we were happy with the meeting.

Mr & Mrs B

We have always found Christina to be reliable and honest. We value her services because nothing is too much trouble and she is never too pushy.

Mr & Mrs P

Highly recommended to friends and relatives. Contacting Christina was the best thing we ever did. We wouldn’t be in the financial position that we are, without her.

Mr & Mrs L