Christina and Adele go "back to school"

Article by Phil

Both Christina and Adele were back in school yesterday supporting the Personal Finance Society’s (PFS) initiative to promote better financial education in schools and colleges. This follows on from the last course that they ran in May this year at Nelson & Colne College. This time Christina and Adele were presenting the PFS’s “My Personal Finance skills” workshop to all year 11 pupils at St Christopher’s’ High School in Accrington.

There’s no doubt that schools and colleges need more time in the curriculum for “life skills” to help prepare children for life after school and financial education has a big role to play. CCFPS have supported the PFS initiative since it was first launched in 2017 and intend to continue to help where we can.

The workshops were well received, and the pupils gave good feedback, so hopefully some of the information will help them think more about their personal finances in the future.
Although it was a long day covering 5 sessions and over 200 pupils, Christina and Adele did get treated to lunch and Christina thought the chocolate pudding was as good as she remembered from her school days at St Hilda’s.


Christina and Adele’s efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. This week a note about their efforts appeared in The Personal Finance Society’s weekly update…..

“Christina Clegg and Adele Cowgill’s My Future Finances at St Christopher’s CE High School

Christina and Adele cover five sessions of My Future Finances for over 200 students for the school’s careers day. Although exhausting and very busy, both volunteers found the day an excellent! The feedback from the teacher was incredibly  appreciative of their hard work and found their presentations to the best out of all external speakers to attend their careers day.

The volunteers’ top tip would be, to be prepared for any questions students may throw at you and be flexible to alter your presentation agenda to make room for these questions.
Great work Christina and Adele!”

The Benefit of Independent Financial Advice Explained

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Adele has been professional and knowledgable, yet also personable and fun to spend a lot of time with! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to friends and family.

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