We are Top Rated – Vouched for – Female Financial Adviser – once again!

Female Financial Adviser
Female Financial Adviser

Article by Phil

We are delighted to be able to announce that once again we’ve been awarded the Vouched for Top Rated Female Financial Adviser status for 2024.

The list of Top-Rated Financial Advisers for 2024 was published in The Times on 9th March.

This is the 11th year in a row that we’ve made list, (2014 to 2024) having been one of the first Financial Advisers to join Vouched for back in 2014. This year we were ranked number 12 in the UK out of a total of 1,724 financial adviser on the Vouched For list published in The Times. Pretty impressive even if we do say so ourselves!

The ranking is based on the overall number of verified customers reviews a firm or adviser has received. We have 329 reviews which puts us 12th on the list. We’ve held this position for the last three years now despite the number of advisers on the platform increasing. It’s nice to keep ahead of our peers. The highest had just over 500 verified reviews, so we are doing well. WE are also the highest rated in the North West by number of reviews.

That’s all down to our fantastic customers who are happy to take the time to put their reviews onto the Vouched For website. We really do appreciate the effort.

Overall, we now have over 400 customer reviews across Google, Facebook and Vouched For. As well as receiving old school letters and cards of thanks, which we really appreciate. It makes the whole team feel valued and makes the job even more worthwhile.

We are especially proud to be a firm of female financial advisers. Sadly, in the financial adviser profession only 16% are female financial advisers. According to Vouched For’s own research. However, 50% of customers said that they were “passionate advocates” of their female financial advisers, compared to only 40% saying the same about male advisers. So, it seems that women are more popular advisers than men! On the Vouched for platform, 19% of the advisers are women.

So, we are even more proud to be ranked #12.

Sadly, young adviser are even less well represented than women. According to the latest figures from the FCA there are only 174 authorised financial advisers under the age of 25 in the whole of the UK. That’s a 60% fall since 2022. When you look at the issues today with unregulated online advice, we need more younger advisers to connect with their peers, not less. At the same time the number of advisers who are over 60 has increased by nearly 30%. This doesn’t bode well for the future. Our advice would be to find yourself a financial adviser whilst there are still some around.

Have a look at the latest Vouched for ratings to find one in your local area. The website covers mortgage advisors as well as financial advisers. You can also search for accountants on the website and solicitors. When it comes to legal services we are able to provide those services through our trusted local partners, for Estate Planning needs. That includes Lasting Powers of Attorney, Wills, Trusts and Probate services.

Female Financial Adviser
Female Financial Adviser in Burnley | Nelson | Barrowford | Brierfield | Colne | Earby | Trawden | Laneshaw Bridge | Barnoldswick | Gisburn | Chatburn | Clitheroe | Pendle | Lancashire


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We’ve only been clients for a couple of months, but we both feel that we have made the right decision. After first meeting Adele she put our minds at rest.

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I have a sense of trust towards the people and the company. Thank you.

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Adele was wonderful! She explained everything and made us feel at ease at all times. It was wonderful to deal with her.

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