We’ve just been named as Vouched For Top Rated Financial Advisers for 2020


Article by Christina

We’ve done it again!

For the 7th year running, we’ve received the Top-rated Financial Adviser award from Vouched For. The award is based on the number of positive new client reviews that we have received throughout 2019 on the Vouched For review platform.

The award also means that we will feature in The Times newspaper who publish details of all the UK’s Top rated firms in January each year.

Each review we receive is independently verified by Vouched For to check that the client details, e mail address etc are correct and then re-verified by us to confirm that they are true client reviews. These checks are really important to protect the integrity of the system so that clients can trust the reviews.

We first joined the Vouched For platform way back in 2014. Since then we have received over 150 independently verified client reviews. We are absolutely delighted to have received so many reviews. We always ask all our clients if they would provide a review once we have completed the advice process, but of course they are under no obligation to leave a review. That’s why we are always so pleased to receive a review, because it really does confirm that we are doing a good job!

Not every review is 5 Star and we’d be surprised if it was. Very occasionally there are issues with our service that lead to lower reviews, but we always use this feedback to try to improve our service going forward. Usually, these reviews are in the “First Impressions” review section, which are reviews after the first meeting, but not where we have provided advice. Sometimes in these initial meetings, we aren’t always able to tell prospective clients that we can help, depending on their circumstances.

Overall, over the 7 years that we have received the Top-Rated award 2014 – 2020, we have achieved a 4.7/5.0-star rating which we are very proud of, especially as that’s the views of over 150 different people.

We work really hard to provide the best possible service to all our clients and awards like this are really appreciated by the whole team because they are recognition of their continuous efforts to do things the right way and put our clients first.

Let’s hope that this can continue through 2020 and we can work towards our 8th award!!

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Adele was wonderful! She explained everything and made us feel at ease at all times. It was wonderful to deal with her.

Mr & Mrs C

The representative was very good and we were happy with the meeting.

Mr & Mrs B

Christina is a very approachable young woman and is always ready to answer any questions. I would not hesitate to recommend her to friends.

Mrs V