Top 100 Adviser firms announced…

Article by Christina

The latest list of the Top 100 Financial Adviser firms has just been released and this year there are quite a few changes. This is due to changes in the way that the rankings are calculated, which is no longer based just on “sales” volumes, but now takes into consideration measures like the number of qualified advisers in a firm, their qualifications, years’ experience in advising, as well as “sales” and investment inflows.

So, the Top 10 are now: 10. LEBC Group 9. Tenet Group 8. St James Place 7. Progeny Wealth 6. Charles Stanley 5. Mazars 4. Wilfred T Fry 3. Grant Thornton 2. Close Brothers and number #1 Quilter Group.

I must confess there are a few names on the list that I haven’t heard of, but the advice market is currently a hot bed on mergers and takeovers it’s hard to keep track.

Christina Clegg Financial Planning Services didn’t make the last sadly!! (The smallest firm on the list had £240 million in sales!)

But of course, we did make the Vouched for Top 100 Advisers again this year for the sixth straight year. So, we may not be Top 100 in terms of our size, but we continue to be Top 100 in the terms of the service we provide – as voted for by our clients in their reviews of our service and that’s more than good enough for us.

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Why taking personalised financial advice is a good idea, both now and in the future.

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