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Article by Phil

You may have seen details of the new pension tracing service recently launched by L&G. The service has been advertised on TV as well as in the print media.

It’s a simple service, offering to search the Governments existing Pension Tracing Service and their own databases. You can do it yourself of course, but like many services it’s not always as simple as it may seem. The tracing service costs £100. L&G will then provide you with the information in what they describe as a “dashboard” and from there you will have the option of speaking to one of L&G’s financial advisers or just consolidating any pensions into one of L&G’s pension products.

We’re delighted that L&G have launched this service. It’s about time bigger organisations caught up with us!

We’ve been offering this service “Free Pension Review” for years now and our review costs nothing as well.

Of course, if you want to receive “pension advice” we will provide you with Independent Financial Advice, rather than “Tied” advice which is what L&G offer – in other words recommendations that only include their own products rather than whole of market recommendations. (Click here to find out more about the difference)

The pension tracing part of the Free pension Review service means that we will look at the Pension Tracing Service database, but also make direct employer enquiries based on the information you provide to us. Of course, we cannot guarantee to find all your pensions (and neither do L&G for that matter), but sometimes we do find “lost” pensions.

For example, having completed a number of pension consolidations for a client last year, Adele then offered to look for any further pensions. Having spoken to the clients about their past employment history Adele made a number of direct enquiries to the previous employers. Incredibly one came back to advise that the clients did indeed have an old pension with them. It turned out to be worth £200,000!! Neither the client nor their partner had any idea that this existed, so you can imagine how delighted they were. It’s fair to say that this is “our” biggest discovery so far – but it just goes to show that it is worth doing the investigation work to find out.

We got a lovely review on the back of this which you can see on Facebook…. “would recommend Adele to anyone for sound financial advice. She has been excellent in helping me consolidate various pension plans and in particular going the extra mile to find ethical and cruelty free funds which was important to me. She also helped us to track down a “lost” pension of my husbands which will have a huge impact in our retirement plans. Highly recommended.”

You can have a look at our other testimonials here.

Pension Consolidation

Our Pension Advice Experts at Christina Clegg Financial Planning Services explain how to consolidate all you pensions into one place.

We have almost 250 happy reviews and recommendations from our Pension Advice customers, so if you have any questions about Pension Advice please feel free to give us a call on 01282 614444 or drop us an e mail to

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The representative was very good and we were happy with the meeting.

Mr & Mrs B

Adele, what an easy, straightforward manner you have. It was so good of you to set aside time to look over my finances……you have been kind and concise and I feel a lot calmer. Thank you so very, very much.

Mrs B

Adele was wonderful! She explained everything and made us feel at ease at all times. It was wonderful to deal with her.

Mr & Mrs C