Are you entitled to free long term care funding?

Article by Phil

This is the question that every financial adviser should ask their clients to investigate before providing advice on long term care funding. Unfortunately, it appears that some financial advisors aren’t asking this question first.
If an individual has long term care requirements which require medical, rather than social care, then they may well be entitled to NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding (often called CHC). This funding is NOT means tested and is available to everyone who meets specific criteria through what are called care domains. Assessments of eligibility are carried out by the NHS, but the process is rarely straight forward and often assessment outcomes are open to challenge. The availability of CHC is not well publicised and families often find the process challenging. Specialist help is available, however.
Care to be Different is a free advice website which helps families to navigate the funding maze. They even offer a self help book How to get the NHS to pay for Care.  As an alternative, Farley Dwek Solicitors are one of the leading firms providing advice and guidance to clients.
It seems that some financial advisers have not investigated this funding option before advising clients on long term care funding options and several are facing the prospect of litigation according to solicitors Irwin Mitchell. So, please ensure that you check out your entitlement to NHS Continuing Healthcare funding first and foremost.

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