Investment Planner review latest Dog Funds list


Article by Phil

Twice a year Bestinvest, investment planner review business release details of what are known as “dog funds” and the latest details have just been released (10th February).

Sadly, the UK is home to over 70% of the worst funds. The value of “dog funds” has also increased from £10 billion at the last count to over £19 billion now. That’s despite a good year for UK equities.

So, who are currently the worst performers:

  1. Halifax UK Growth £3.2 billion
  2. Invesco UK Equity High Income £2.8 billion
  3. St James Place International Equity £2.2 billion
  4. Scottish Widows UK Growth £1.8 billion
  5. Hargreaves Lansdown Multi Manager £1.7 billion
  6. Halifax UK Equity Income £1.7 billion

The funds are known as the Great Danes with over £1 billion in fund value.

Not a good investment planner review performance for Halifax who are actually managed by Schroders, who also manage Scottish Widows. In total Schroders have over £7 billion in “dog funds”.

Other names on the list with significant fund values include Abrdn, Fidelity, Colombia Threadneedle and Unicorn.

“Dog Funds” are funds which have underperformed the market average by 5% or more for at least three consecutive years. In other words, for a long time. So, it doesn’t include funds who might one or two bad years and then recover. Bestinvest have been producing their list for over 25 years now, so the method is universally accepted. The list is now known in financial circles as “spot the dog”.

As we’ve said before DIY investors might benefit from an investment planner review after looking at this information.



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