How well are Independent Financial Advisers doing?

Article by Phil

The latest survey from Embark Investors has thrown up some interesting results. The survey looked specifically at clients relationships with their Independent Financial Advisers. Some of the results include:

  • 85% of investors (or clients) said they were “happy” with their adviser and only 4% described themselves as “unhappy”. That is a very high satisfaction index and worth taking into account when you consider the amount of negative press that sometimes surrounds the advice market.
  • This is also well up on last year when the satisfaction rate was 68%.
  • 86% of those surveyed said that their advisers ability to understand their needs was the main issue. Followed by 81% being happy with the investments they were recommended.
  • 83% of clients said they would recommend their Independent Financial Adviser to their family or friends, which is another very high satisfaction rate. This is where most advice firms get their customers.
  • Almost half of clients said they valued their adviser more after the pandemic as well. But this still shows that half were very happy even before the pandemic.
  • In terms of Independent Financial Advisers themselves, surprisingly only 60% were optimistic about the future, compared with 80%. This is perhaps surprising given that the pandemic restrictions have now been lifted.

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The Benefit of Independent Financial Advice Explained

Why taking personalised financial advice is a good idea, both now and in the future.

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