Recommendations are still the best way


Article by Phil

The latest research from Aviva shows that 3 out of 10 people “find a financial advisor near me” by getting a recommendation from friends or family. This type of client referral continues to be the single most popular way to find someone.

The research looked at other sources of recommendation which included:

  • Online search – despite almost two thirds of people not trusting adverts.
  • Professional Referrals – from a solicitor or accountant for example. His often includes a fee paid to the introducer.
  • Direct advertising – for example in the mainstream media. This also includes brand building for the biggest firms.
  • Text and E mail – more likely to be associated with scams.

Recommendations are certainly the most important to us. Almost half of all our clients come via recommendations. Our clients are also very generous in terms of supporting us with testimonials.

We now have over 100 examples of written testimonials on our website that we have received from customers.

On Vouched For we have over 220 verified reviews from clients. Not just those who have dealt with us but also those who have come in for an initial discussion but not gone any further.

To add to this, we are fast approaching our 50th review directly through Google. This is where clients have taken the time to log on to the internet and type in a review of our services. Plus, over 20 reviews via Facebook.

We still do a little bit of online advertising, but it really is our customers who are our best advocates. So, thank you all very much.

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We have always found Christina to be reliable and honest. We value her services because nothing is too much trouble and she is never too pushy.

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