Vouched For best financial advisers list


Article by Phil

Thanks to our loyal customers, we have once again made the Vouched For best financial advisers list in their Top Rated Guide 2023. Published in The Times (Saturday 18/3/23)

This is our 10th year on the trot, having featured in the very first guide way back in 2014.

Firms and Financial Advisers make it into the Top-Rated Guide based on the number of verified client reviews they have.

We have a massive 295 verified customer reviews on the Vouched For website.

In the Vouched For best financial advisers Guide that makes Christina the 11th highest rated adviser in the whole of the UK. Out of 1,512 financial advisers who featured in the guide.

That is an amazing result and one that we are very proud of. It’s a privilege that our customers take the time to review us and give us such high marks to help us make the Vopuched for best financial advisers list. We are very grateful.

The Vouched For website is probably the leading ratings website in the UK specifically for financial advisers. When you register with them, they send an e mail to every new client you see asking for feedback. That feedback is then verified using the customers unique e mail address to make sure that it is genuine.

We have an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars from our 295 reviews.

We don’t just use Vouched For of course.

If you Google Christina Clegg, you will see that we also have 75 verified review directly on Google. We don’t know any other adviser in the area who has anywhere near that number of Google reviews.

If you look at our Testimonials on our website, you can see all the reviews plus a host of others who have written letters and e mails to us. Over 400 on the website at the last count.

Hopefully we can keep up the good work and make the 2024 guide!


The Benefit of Independent Financial Advice Explained

Why taking personalised financial advice is a good idea, both now and in the future.

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Adele has been professional and knowledgable, yet also personable and fun to spend a lot of time with! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to friends and family.

Mrs C

The quality of service from Adele and everyone at the company was excellent, in fact the service we received was better than that.

Mr & Mrs F

We have been very happy with the service and everyone we have spoken to at the office has been very helpful.

Mrs P